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June 04, 2018

Another Top Global Atomic Shareholder Announces Support for Current Management, Incumbent Board

  • Warns fellow shareholders that “we are at a critical stage in the Company’s history – now is no time to contemplate a change of leadership”
  • Cautions dissident slate could seriously jeopardize our company’s asset development
  • Urges all shareholders to vote their WHITE proxy today

TORONTO, ON: William F Cooke, owning or exercising control or direction over 7.9MM shares or approximately 7.4% of Global Atomic Corporation (“Global Atomic” or the “Company”), (TSX-V: GLO), issued an open letter to fellow shareholders in support of the Company.

The full text of Mr. Cooke’s letter is included below:

Dear fellow Global Atomic Shareholders,

My name is Bill Cooke and I own over 7.9MM shares of Global Atomic or around 7.4% of the stock.  This makes me the third largest shareholder of the Company.

While Greyling Investments, Inc. (“Greyling”) purports to speak on behalf of all shareholders, I assure you that they don’t speak for me nor do they speak for other Global Atomic shareholders that I’ve spoken to recently. I see no credibility to Greyling’s attempt to claim control of the Company.

As a long-time investor, I am excited about the future of Global Atomic and have no intention of handing over the reins to a group of people that, to my knowledge, have no experience in building a uranium mine nor in running a zinc concentrate business.  Conversely, the current management and the incumbent Board have a proven track record of success in both.

The Company’s Niger uranium asset is shaping up to be a world-class deposit and we have seen a steady stream of good news in the last few months. Based on Global Atomic’s public disclosure, the Company seems to be well down the path of moving towards permit applications and I don’t want to risk that with any changes to the Board or management.

Similarly, I believe that the Company’s zinc concentrate business has the right manager, the right partner and the right board to oversee this business as it expands.  I am supportive of the current Board’s commitment to nearly double production capacity and to implement the very latest in technology for the Company’s zinc concentrate business.  I believe that these investments will bode well for Global Atomic’s expanding near-term revenue, profitability and cashflow prospects – and the market apparently thinks so too.

I believe that what we as shareholders need right now is the Company’s uninterrupted focus on advancing its uranium project and expanding its zinc concentrate business. We don’t need the costly and unnecessary distraction of a dissident that hasn’t made so much as a thread of an argument as to why we should simply hand over the Company by changing the entire Board. I am saying “No way Greyling” and I have voted all my shares FOR the incumbent Board.


William F. Cooke


William F. Cooke