Investment Case

Global Atomic provides a unique combination of high grade uranium development and cash flow from a recycling facility that produces zinc concentrate.

A tier 1 deposit economic at current prices: Dasa Uranium
  • Highest grade deposit ex-Athabasca, with the Flank Zone at 0.5% U3O8 is approximately 6x the grade of other ex-Athabasca deposits
  • 100% owned by Global Atomic
  • A large deposit with global resources in excess of 250 mlbs U3O8
  • Open along strike, with significant exploration potential in the tenement area
  • Metallurgically clean ore, low in deleterious elements and with high test work recoveries


Republic of Niger and MOU with Orano
  • Republic of Niger producing uranium continuously since 1971
  • Favourable permitting environment
  • MOU with Orano including potential to truck ore as an early development option


Cash flow from recycling steel dust to produce zinc oxide concentrate: Befesa Silvermet JV
  • New Waelz Kiln operated by Befesa S.A, owned 49% by Global Atomic
  • Attributable earnings anticipated to be ~US$15m per annum on a sustainable basis
  • JV partner, Befesa S.A, trades on ~10x earnings multiple


Non-dilutive, shareholder-focused strategy
  • 144.2m shares in issue
  • Leverage cash flows from zinc sales to strengthen balance sheet