Global Atomic aims to conduct its business with integrity, and strives to create an organizational culture that endorses ethical conduct and conforms to best practices.

Global Atomic believes that nuclear power is a vital source of low-carbon electricity that will provide clean base-load power and help mitigate climate change.

The Company believes that working closely with the Government of Niger to develop the Dasa uranium deposit in a sustainable and responsible manner will be of great benefit to the people of Niger.

Global Atomic operates its business according to the following principles:

  • maintain high ethical standards in all aspects of its business;
  • operate with high standards of social responsibility and human rights;
  • implement internal reporting structures to ensure transparent and sustainable operating practices;
  • promote the mining, processing and use of uranium in a responsible and sustainable way; and
  • endeavour to transact with companies that meet the highest ethical standards and follow the very best practices in protecting human health and safety, the environment and upholding human rights.